Summer Program 2017
at Gunma University School of Science and Technology

Limited for Exchange Students

Invitation to chemistry-lab work for undergraduate students

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New summer program for exchange students is available since 2014 at Gunma prefecture, Japan.

This program is limited for Exchange Students from New York State University at Stony Brook, College of Arts and Sciences. Since all the program is carried out by English, the applicants do not have to have Japanese proficiency.

From May 29 (Mon.) to July 8 (Sat.), for 6 weeks, participants choose one of the two courses and attend experiments and research in the chemistry lab depends on each course’s curriculum at Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Faculty of Engineering, Gunma University.

Two courses are available.
(1) Organic/Physical Chemistry
(2) Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Gunma University is located approximately 100 km northwest of Tokyo. The university is composed of 4 faculties : Education, Social and Information Studies, Medicine, and Science and Technology. Currently, 6,561 students are enrolled, including 225 international students who study in both day and night classes. Of these 225 students from overseas, 137 enrolled in the School of Science and Technology, 48 in the Medical Faculty, 21 in the Social and Information Studies Faculty, and 19 in the Education Faculty. There are also 26 foreign exchange students from sister universities overseas studying on the campuses. (As of May 1, 2016)

More details of the history and location of Gunma University School of Science and Technology are shown here.

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School of Science and Technology, Gunma University