Summer Program 2017
at Gunma University School of Science and Technology

Limited for Exchange Students

Invitation to chemistry-lab work for undergraduate students

Invitation (Top page)

Guideline (TBA)

  1. purpose

  2. qualification

  3. program period, number of participants, and program fee

  4. outline

  5. schedule

  6. how to apply

  7. outline of gunma university

  8. inquiries

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4. outline

Participants choose one of the following two courses and attend experiments and research in 6 weeks depending on each course’s curriculum. Refer to the attached “Course schedules” for detail of class contents such as a syllabus.

  1. Organic/Physical Chemistry
  2. Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Biology
On completing the program, participants receive credit of 7 units and transcript is issued. Stony Brook University, College of Arts and Science, Department of Chemistry will accredit the credit of the course number one (Organic/Physical Chemistry).

last update 2017.2.25

School of Science and Technology, Gunma University